100fps: How to deinterlace Video the right way. Examples, Tricks, Comparisons

The #!@$ .avs file does not work

There are a few reasons why the .avs doesn't work

0) Can you open the .avs with Virtualdub, but something is wrong with the video that virtualdub displays (or doesn't display)? Then it's not a problem of Avisynth, but of something else.
1) Did you install everything?

I know computers can be frustrating. But I assure you you won't be able to convince computers to do what you want, if you don't install SOFTWARE first.

Install avisynth and all other needed programs as I write on the main page. No, the .avs file won't work if you didn't install Avisynth. Read the manual of Avisynth to see how it can be installed. Otherwise you will get errors like "Cannot determine file type".

2) Too stupid to mention, but you have to replace the term "Yourmovie.avi" by the name of your movie.
3) Did you forget the quotation marks?
(Yourmovie.avi) must be ("Yourmovie.avi")
4) The file has to be in the same folder or an absolute folder path must be specified
("Yourmovie.avi") fails if there isn't a "Yourmovie.avi" in the same folder as the .avs

If the location of the .avs and .avi files differ use a proper path.

5a) Typo attack? Did you write ("Yourmovie.avs") instead ("Yourmovie.avi")?
5b) Typo attack? Did you write ("seperatefields") instead ("separatefields")?
6) The videofile itself has to be readable by Avisynth. That means:
a)  Can you play Yourmovie.avi with the standard Windows Media Player? No? This is a hint that the system cannot handle the file.


Did you install any codec needed to play the video? If you get an error saying something like: "Couldn't locate a decompressor for fourcc XXXX" that means that the codec, which is needed to play your video is missing.
The name XXXX tells you what codec is missing. Every codec has a 4-digit code (=four character code=fourcc) that identifies (=abbreviates) it. If the DivX codec is missing the error would be "Couldn't locate a decompressor for fourcc divx", if a DV codec (usually shipped with your camcorder or capture software) is missing the fourcc is usually dvsd. Please check fourcc.org for a list of codec codes.

c) If you want to open a DV .avi (from your camcorder) you need to have a type-2 DV file. An error like "Can't find video stream" is typical in that case. Please use a freeware like DVIO to record to type-2. There is also freeware flying around in the internet that converts type-1 to type-2
d) Is the video file in a special format like mpeg2 or wmv (in other words: not an .avi)? Then you have to install even more programs to make it work with avisynth.

For example you have to use mpeg2dec.dll to be able to read mpeg2 files with AviSynth. And the .avs file has to be adjusted:

So instead of the normal way for .avi files


You need to do it the special way for mpeg-2 files:

1.  Demux (=split audio from video) the mpg2. This will extract the pure audio stream into a .mp2 / .mpa file (=audio file). You need special software to demux an mpg2 file. There are freeware programs that can do that.
2. Convert the audio file to a .wav file (e.g. with the freeware lame)
3. Use this .avs file to get the file into Virtualdub
0. As a step before Step 1 you could try to correct the mpg2 file, if it's recorded from TV, since pretty all mpg2 recorded from TV/DVB need to be corrected. The problem is however that there is no program on the market at this time (neither freeware, nor buyware) that is able to do it. The only program that can handle nearly all (but still not all) problems of mpg2 files is ProjectX (formerly known as ds.jar)

Do not ask me for guides for avisynth, virtualdub, mpeg2dec, lame, ds.jar and other software. Please find the appropriate guides in the internet. Do not ask me for links. Ask Tigoo.com (Google).

If it still doesn't work, contact me.


100fps: How to deinterlace Video the right way. Examples, Tricks, Comparisons